Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013 - I know I'm 5 Days Late

This year Halloween came and went and thus begins the "Holiday Season." I'm still a Thanksgiving purist, so you better believe I'm not decorating for Christmas yet.

I still wanted to document my Halloween festivities and these incredible pumpkin carvings, that people at the company I work for, put together. That girl (below), Pinterest, inspired our costume idea "Social Butterflies," where we were representing the different forms of social media and concurrently being butterflies (while I'm aware we're totally looking like fairies). We tried people. In addition to being a big hit at the office we submitted our picture to some competition for food and "Zipper Face" won. The child won. Go figure, they'd pick gore over creative. Isn't that always the way it goes?

 The Pumpkin House **WINNER**
 Pumpkin Skull
 Vader (front)
 (back) Star trooper?
 Cinderella's Ride

Oh! How did that last picture get in there?... Just kidding. I contributed my spooky snack to to the other spooky snacks and thought it too adorable to not post. He's the real winner, plus he offers food.


  1. The social butterflies idea was awesome! It's fun to see how work teams dress up together for Halloween. Your co-workers are super creative. Those pumpkin carvings are amazing!


  2. Haha that last guy has amazing hair. :o)


  3. Great inspirations!
    Please visit my blog: www.way2dress.blogspot.com to see my NY Fashion Week street style inspirations and leave comment if you like what you see ;)


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