Friday, January 31, 2014

A Time to Learn, A Time to Love

From my last day of work to my first day of training… it’s been a humbling journey of gratefulness and love.  Leaving my job of almost seven years, a good boss, great friends and so many memories was already hard enough. I cried one (maybe four or more) of those days, because if not leaving all those really great things, aforementioned, I’d also be leaving one of my favorite people in corporate America… my big sister.

The Father encouraged me through several of my co-workers and one particularly who sent out an email that said:

Many years ago, one of the most promising students to graduate from Wheaton College was asked why he would be so foolish to give up a surely successful career in the USA to do mission work in South America.

Jim Elliott’s timeless words in response:

‘He is no fool who risks what he cannot keep, in order to gain what he cannot lose.’

Go with God Heather!”

Some pretty great co-workers, whom I'll miss dearly.

After that I had two weeks to pack and get a lot of logistical things in order. I spent two of those weeks enjoying family and friends. Not exactly on the to-do list but much more preferred.  People or packing? You decide. Needless to say I spent one day freaking out packing my life away in boxes and bags almost, but not quite, reprimanding myself about poor time management. Thankfully some good friends (more like angels) came together and helped me with life and packing and I felt good and right on January 20th when I took off to Virginia.

I’ve now been at training a little over two weeks and while there’s much to do and plenty to learn, I’ve been resting easy on the Father’s peace and His comforting Word. There’s so much going on in my heart and a lot of it I've not yet processed.

All those other things (the logistics) I’m concerned about just seem to pale in comparison to this relationship I’m growing in with JC. After all, He’s brought me here and He’ll see me through on His time.

On a side note, this Texas gal hit the hills of snow, sledding and sliding… It’s cold but I’m loving it.

Sidewalk mural of the 50 states and of course... TEJAS pro vida.

A little "I'M SO EXCITED (AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT)" selfie.


  1. Good for you! That is such a hard decision when you have a great job and wonderful coworkers! I am going through the same thing, except I'm just thinking about moving or going back to school.

  2. Oh how exciting! Congratulations!!! :o)

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    1. What a lovely quote! And I'm sure very reassuring when feeling a little nervous about change!

      Charlotte x
      The London Project


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